Saturday, October 22, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday


Carolina Hawkins lifelong dream of running her own racing team is running on fumes. Her only hope is her childhood friend - the driver they now call Madman. Now that she's got him, she's got to find the man inside who was once heralded as the future of NASCAR before he drives her dream, and her heart, into the wall.
Dell Wayne gave up caring on the day his daddy died at Darlington, but there's something about this grown up version of his childhood friend, Carolina Hawkins that has him wishing he could be the driver and the man she needs. The race is on, and winning her heart will be the sweetest victory of all.


He opened another bottle and downed half in one long pull. The cold liquid did nothing to ease the ache in his groin or erase the image of Caro Hawkins' shapely ass from his memory. The skinny tomboy wasn't skinny anymore. She'd developed more curves than the track at Sonoma, and those legs… what he wouldn't give to see the full straightaway of those. Preferably wrapped around his hips, or spread on his bed. Then there was the thing she did with her hair. Some sort of tight coil intended to ward off the entire male population, but having the opposite effect. On Caro, it looked utterly feminine and screamed a challenge no human with a y chromosome could ignore. He had a sneaking suspicion if you got the hair to unwind, the prim little skirt she was wearing, and the silk blouse would disappear faster than a pit stop.
But he wasn't going to be the one to make it happen. For some reason he couldn't fathom, he agreed to drive for her. She was the boss, and Dell had never screwed an employer, and he sure as hell wasn't going to start now. No matter what.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

For her, he’ll walk the straight and narrow. For him, she’ll walk on the wild side.


With the ink barely dry on her divorce papers, and a three-year old daughter to provide for, Tory Choate is more than grateful to her old friend from college, for giving her a chance to dust off her life coaching skills with the Miami Thunder players. As if putting Dwayne Jackson on any path that doesn’t lead to prison isn’t enough of a challenge, resisting her unexpected attraction to the sexy wide receiver tests her control. Having tried the safe path once and been burned, a walk on the wild side might be just what she needs to get her back on track. But is she daring enough to take the first step?

One of the best wide receivers in football, Dwayne Jackson has burned every bridge he’s crossed in the NFL. Picked up by the Miami Thunder, it’s either get his life on track or kiss his career goodbye. He’d rather kiss the sexy life coach assigned to him, but Alex Dare’s signals are clear—keep his hands off the ultra-conservative Victoria “Tory” Choate—or else. No woman has ever come close to luring Dwayne across the relationship bridge, but then, none of those women were Victoria Choate.


  Dwayne came to a stop in the doorway of his room. Victoria stood halfway between him and his king-sized bed, her back to him. For once, every penny he’d spent on the housekeeping service seemed worth it. The bed was made, and not a thing was out of place. Not even Victoria. She looked like she fucking belonged. He shook his head to dislodge the ridiculous thought, but it refused to go away. Wishful thinking, man.

“I like seeing you in my space.”

She turned at the sound of his voice, and every thought but one vanished. Mine.

“Take me to bed, Dwayne.”

 She wasn’t asking, she was demanding, and fuck if that didn’t turn him on even more. He had every intention of bedding her, but once he had her there, he wasn’t sure he could let her go. “I hope you have nowhere else to be today, because all the things I plan to do to you…they take time. Lots and lots of time.”

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday


Ford Adams has led a charmed life, but if he doesn’t figure out how to make the equivalent of a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and sell a boat-load of them, he and his mother might find themselves flipping burgers. Determined not to let that happen, he’ll need all the help he can get—especially from his sexy new business partner. If he can get her to take a chance on his crazy new idea, then maybe he can convince her to take a chance on him.
Becky Jean Parker’s life has been anything but what she’d imagined it would be, but she’d been content until a recent turn of events once again left her no choice. Unless she wants to wallow in bankruptcy for the rest of her life, she’ll have to go along with her new business partner’s insane plan and pray he knows what he’s talking about. The only thing crazier than Ford’s plan to sell sex toys is her attraction to him. Typical of her life, she’d had no choice but to fall for the one man she can’t have.


“Really? I look perfectly fine. Nobody’s going to be looking at me anyway.”
Oh, he begged to differ. Yes, the women would be looking at him most likely, but they’d be curious about Becky Jean. They weren’t just selling butt plugs, they were selling sex. And though he thought she oozed sex appeal no matter what she wore, present suit notwithstanding, the viewers, all two of them, he suspected, didn’t know his partner as well as he did. Therefore, something had to change.
“Which is why we need to do something different. No one wants to buy a butt plug from someone who looks like their ass is so tight nothing short of a jackhammer could drive a wedge of plastic up it.”
Color flooded her cheeks, and her mouth fell open in horror. Moving quickly, Ford reached for the top button on her blouse. Despite its tight-ass appearance, the fabric was the softest silk. Under different circumstances, he wouldn’t mind feeling it slide against certain parts of his body. His fingers slipped, but he managed to release the top two buttons before Becky Jean recovered from his shocking statement. By then, it was too late. The fabric fell in a soft V from her collarbone to the top of her cleavage. Bedroom ready, he’d call the look. Perfect.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

She'll break his game down into a science.
International Digital Awards - Best Erotic Novel


His gaze moved to her bottom. Her Mustangs T-shirt covered everything down to the twin creases pointing to forbidden territory. Willing his hand not to shake, he caressed her thigh then slowly inched his way up, taking the red fabric higher, exposing her perfect globes. Knowing he was making a huge mistake, he cupped her right cheek and squeezed. His dick jumped, and his balls tightened. Christ, he knew exactly how her body would feel as he slammed into her from behind, and his mind provided the imagery he would never see firsthand. Unable to stop himself, he massaged her left cheek, too.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

He's at home on both sides of the plate.


Sean Flannery stood there with his back to the open doorway. Desire hit Bentley like a wrecking ball to his gut. Blood rushed to his groin, short-circuiting his central nervous system and robbing him of good sense. He couldn’t move. His cock throbbed, demanding attention. He automatically fisted the heavy flesh, seeking relief he had no right wanting.
He watched, transfixed as Sean slicked his too-long black hair back from his face. Water sluiced over his muscled back forming a wide river running along the deep valley created by his shoulder blades. Bentley’s gaze followed the stream down, down…down to the first baseman’s tight ass. He couldn’t look away, could only stroke himself, imagining what it would be like to touch his perfect skin, to slide his cock between those taut cheeks, to command and possess such a glorious creature.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

It's been my immense pleasure to partner with Jennifer Lynne on the Not Vanilla series, but per our original agreement, it's time to move on.
As of September 30, 2016, Jennifer and I will no longer offer these titles for sale in this format. We hope to make them available again soon, and we're working on making that happen, but for now, we're going to honor our agreement and remove them from sale at the end of the month.
So, grab them now, while you can. Once they are in your personal library, they'll stay there, so no worries about that. You can read them after Sept. 30th, you just won't be able to purchase them past that date. (Unless something wonderful happens! x fingers crossed x)

In case you missed these wonderful stories, here's a look at the NOT VANILLA - FLAVORS OF KINK COLLECTION.

Taste the forbidden in this collection of sizzling stories from two best-selling authors, offering a tantalizing glimpse into a range of flavors that are definitely not vanilla!

Three words... six naughty stories...


Watch Me by Jennifer Lynne
Isabel's secret...
I was so afraid, when my husband uncovered my secret. Afraid he'd hate me, or think me disgusting, or be completely turned off. Equally scared this watching game I play with our sexy neighbor might be shut down for good. Can William bring himself to join my addictive Sunday night ritual, or will he force me to choose between the man I love, and the sexual urges that consume me?

Lookin’ Good by Roz Lee
I wish I had never told Travis my deepest, darkest secret—that I like to watch. I should have known he would want to give me my heart’s desire. I love him more than anything, but I hate him for using my weakness to try to win me back. Moreover, I hate myself for not being able to turn down the gifts he brings me. Bailey Rose


Hung Up by Roz Lee
I should have told Colton what he could do with his money, but I need it to keep the doors of my dance studio open. So, here I am, naked and bound, with a bull rope around my waist, and despite the intricate suspension system holding me up, I’m falling hard. Falling for the impossible man who threw me for a loop and lassoed my heart. Beth

Alpha Submissive by Jennifer Lynne
What happens when a driven, alpha woman is forced by circumstance to participate in a shibari rope display? Bound and immobilized by the country’s leading Dominant rope master, Ava fights to keep control. If she does the unthinkable and allows herself to submit to Roane, will she lose the only part of herself that really matters—her heart—to the man who now holds her destiny in his practiced hands?


FIRST TIME by Jennifer Lynne 
When I suggested a weekend away to rekindle the flame of our fifteen year old marriage, I had no idea Henry would take it as an opportunity to bust out the credit card at our local sex shop. But now I’m sitting in this country cottage on Saturday night, surrounded by nothing but forest for miles in every direction, and staring at my husband holding the spanking paddle as I wonder if I really have the nerve to bend over and let him use it. ~ Grace 

I can’t imagine not marrying Brendan, but I can’t bring this discontent into our marriage either. My friend, Beth, is right. I have to talk to my fiancĂ©, but how do you tell a man who does everything right in the bedroom that you need more—that you need him to spank you? ~ April 

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

This year’s BDSM Writers Con Anthology captures your imagination as our featured authors whip up tales of romance with a kinky erotic twist. Jillian Verne’s erotic story about a shocking encounter with a violet wand will not only have you holding your breath, it’ll have you begging for more.Roz Lee examines the tensions created by an impending life-altering event and how one Domme helps alleviate those tensions for her submissive. Cris Anson takes you on a journey from submission to slavehood, delving into the trials and tribulations of one woman as she gives up her control to her new Master in the ultimate power exchange. And enter Jean Johnson’s paranormal world where spankings and erotic pleasure are explored on a totally new dimension.
Each year we bring you the best BDSM erotica from the deliciously wicked minds of our featured authors. Our stories range from BDSM light to Advanced and push you toward the edge with a little Dark Erotica—if you dare to read that far. Discover them all for yourself!

Excerpt from Behind Every Great Man by Roz Lee

“Did you ever think this day would come?” I adjust my tie then hold out my left wrist. My gorgeous and devoted wife tugs the French cuff into place, but not before I catch a glimpse of the abrasions coloring my fair skin. The sight of the angry red marks makes me hard in an instant. Memories of the night before threaten to derail my thoughts.
“I knew it would.” Marjorie folds my starched white cuff back, anchoring it in place with a square gold, monogrammed link. “You’ve worked your entire life for this, and I, for one, had no doubt you would achieve your goal.”
She wiggles her fingers, signaling for me to present my right wrist so she can fasten that cuff as well. Ever obedient to her commands, I do as instructed then hiss when, instead of adjusting my sleeve, her fingers circle my wrist like a vise. My dick hardens more, yet I don’t dare jerk away from her touch. If I do, we’ll be late, and if ever there was a day I cannot be late, this is it. She tightens her fingers, increasing the pressure. Without her saying a single word to me, my mind slips back in time as I’m certain she intended. 

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