Saturday, October 15, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

For her, he’ll walk the straight and narrow. For him, she’ll walk on the wild side.


With the ink barely dry on her divorce papers, and a three-year old daughter to provide for, Tory Choate is more than grateful to her old friend from college, for giving her a chance to dust off her life coaching skills with the Miami Thunder players. As if putting Dwayne Jackson on any path that doesn’t lead to prison isn’t enough of a challenge, resisting her unexpected attraction to the sexy wide receiver tests her control. Having tried the safe path once and been burned, a walk on the wild side might be just what she needs to get her back on track. But is she daring enough to take the first step?

One of the best wide receivers in football, Dwayne Jackson has burned every bridge he’s crossed in the NFL. Picked up by the Miami Thunder, it’s either get his life on track or kiss his career goodbye. He’d rather kiss the sexy life coach assigned to him, but Alex Dare’s signals are clear—keep his hands off the ultra-conservative Victoria “Tory” Choate—or else. No woman has ever come close to luring Dwayne across the relationship bridge, but then, none of those women were Victoria Choate.


  Dwayne came to a stop in the doorway of his room. Victoria stood halfway between him and his king-sized bed, her back to him. For once, every penny he’d spent on the housekeeping service seemed worth it. The bed was made, and not a thing was out of place. Not even Victoria. She looked like she fucking belonged. He shook his head to dislodge the ridiculous thought, but it refused to go away. Wishful thinking, man.

“I like seeing you in my space.”

She turned at the sound of his voice, and every thought but one vanished. Mine.

“Take me to bed, Dwayne.”

 She wasn’t asking, she was demanding, and fuck if that didn’t turn him on even more. He had every intention of bedding her, but once he had her there, he wasn’t sure he could let her go. “I hope you have nowhere else to be today, because all the things I plan to do to you…they take time. Lots and lots of time.”

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