Saturday, April 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 4/3/2011

CIn honor of the new Chocolate Buffet page on my website, I offer this excerpt from THE LUST BOAT. Candace is peeved at Ryan and offers this bit of revenge as he watches her via the security camera.

Candace dipped a small brush into a bowl. She turned to the camera and held the brush to her lips. She blew against the brush, and a dark cloud settled across her torso. Chocolate. His stomach growled as he imagined licking the fine mist of chocolate off her skin. Candace drew the brush over her skin, spreading the dark brown powder over her breasts, her stomach and over her waxed mound, leaving her skin glowing where she’d embellished it.

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  1. Why am I suddenly craving hot chocolate! Great six for a Sunday morning!

  2. I remember that scene VIVIDLY, Roz! Makes me want to re-read Ryan's and Candace's story. Thanks for sharing!;-)


  3. Sounds like he might be enjoying the view a bit too much for it to be revenge. :-P