Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen 11/04/11

Today's Dirty little snippet is from my Nov. 1st release, FOUR OF HEARTS, the fourth book in the Lothario series.

“I love you. God, how I love you, Candace Callahan.”
Her eyes held his, and his heart swelled. She was his. No matter what. Nothing, and no one could come between them.
“I should run a bath for Fallon.”
        “I’ll help.” He didn’t want to let her out of his sight. They slid from the bed and he held fast to her hand as they filled the bath and set out two clean towels for the other couple. Candace tried to pull her hand from his, but he couldn't bear to lose the contact. 

Blurb - 
Marriage hasn’t tamed Candace Callahan’s sexual curiosity, something her husband Ryan is grateful for, but when she asks him to tie her up for her anniversary present, he knows he’s going to need the help of their friends, Richard Wolfe and his wife, Fallon.

Dr. Fallon Enright is the resident sex therapist aboard the Lothario - the cruise ship co-owned by her husband and Ryan Callahan. When Ryan asks to participate in one of their couple’s rope bondage classes, Richard isn’t sure it’s a good idea, but Fallon assures him all will be well.

What begins as innocent curiosity, blossoms into a polyamorous relationship none of them could have expected, but they are powerless to ignore. When the tabloids expose their new lifestyle, the foursome must choose between the love they feel for each other, or accepting society’s moral constraints.

To My Readers -
When I first began writing the Lothario series, I knew, ultimately, I would write this book. As much as I loved telling the stories of these two couples in THE LUST BOAT and SHOW ME THE ROPES, I knew there was much more ahead for them. I know some of the themes in FOUR OF HEARTS skirt the edges of what society deems moral, but I ask you to reserve judgment to the very end. Everyone knows it’s possible to love more than one person in our lifetime, but society dictates we love in a linear fashion, one after the other. We see it all the time following the death of a spouse, or divorce, but what if you found the other love of your life while in a committed relationship? My two couples weren’t looking for love outside their marriage, but as you know, love finds you, usually when you least expect it.
Welcome aboard the Lothario once again, where anything is possible.

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