Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen 12/9/11

This week I've chosen a scene from THE LUST BOAT. Just a bit of explanation - There are security cameras in every cabin aboard the Lothario. Ryan has access to them from his desk. In this scene, Candace is certain he is watching her, and since she's mad at him, she's set out to get a bit of payback by driving him out of his mind! See what you think. Is it working?

            Candace dipped a small brush into a bowl. She turned to the camera and held the brush to her lips. She blew against the brush and a dark cloud settled across her torso. Chocolate. His stomach growled as he imagined licking the fine mist of chocolate off her skin. Candace drew the brush over her skin, spreading the dark brown powder over her breasts, her stomach and over her waxed mound, leaving her skin glowing where she’d embellished it.
            Ryan’s tongue darted out and wet his lips. His cock bobbed in response. In the silent room, he heard his blood rushing in his ears. His heart pumped at a rate guaranteed to send him into cardiac arrest at any minute, but still he couldn’t look away. Candace dipped the brush again, this time into a jar of chocolate sauce, and with one hand cupped around her breast, brushed the chocolate over her nipple and areola. Ryan swallowed hard and closed his gaping mouth. 

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"...erotic adventures on every page..." The Readers Roundtable

"...the lust was practically oozing from the pages." Coffee Time Romance

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