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Dianne Venetta - Lust on the Rocks

She has what he needs, and he won't stop until he gets it.  Trouble is, what begins as a matter of death, becomes a matter of life.
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One case away from partnership, Samantha Rawlings is forced to share her high-profile case with a sexy younger man, whose eyes are on a different prize.  In the best interests of her client, Sam opens the door to his strategy.  Turns out, a little too far...

Victor Marin has ulterior motives.  The defendant in her case holds the key to his revenge, and his last chance for justice.  But as he chases old demons, he uncovers a powerful woman with no inhibitions, one he wants to possess for himself.  But decidedly single, Sam wants no part.

Until Vic walks away.

Hi, Dianne!
 Welcome to my little piece of virtual real estate! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm a big fan of any book with the word 'lust' in the title. <grin> LUST ON THE ROCKS sounds like it deals with some big issues, so...
I'd love to hear how your heroine deals with the double standard when it comes to women engaging in casual sex.

Great topic—for an entire book, in fact!  Yes, that’s exactly what my heroine Samantha Rawlings deals with throughout my novel, Lust on the Rocks.  Her position is simple:  she’s a successful attorney at the top of her game, rivals most men in both intellect and drive, is uninterested in marriage or children—is she expected to live a life of celibacy because women can’t sleep around?

Hardly.  It’s not realistic.  Shoot, these days it doesn’t seem realistic to expect our teens not to engage in sex let alone a grown woman.  But if we don’t expect her to be celibate, how far can she go?  Er—eh, hem.  Let me rephrase:  How far will society allow her to go without labeling her in derogatory terms?

Now I’m not suggesting that it’s an outdated notion for a woman to remain modest in intimate relations.  She’s the keeper of the gate so to speak, and her choices can lead to serious consequences should they go awry, ie. pregnancy.  Sure unplanned pregnancies also affect the man involved, but not to the extent they affect the woman.  It’s her body we’re talking, not his.  And while we retain the power of choice, I don’t believe anyone is eager to actualize the choice.

That said, Sam is fully aware of her role when it comes to the decision-making process regarding casual sex.  Generally speaking, women decide how far the intimate relations will go, not men.  (They’ll go as far as we let them!) So what does a woman who enjoys sex do?

Limit herself to long-term relationships because others have opinions on how she should conduct herself?  How many partners she should entertain?  Let’s be honest.  A man in her same position wouldn’t be limited.  He’d be lauded as a stud, a man of virility.

Hmph.  Not in Sam’s world.  She eschews old-fashioned notions regarding a woman’s role in sexual relations.  She sees a man she wants, she goes after him.  When she enjoys a man, she lets him know.  When she’s grown tired, she moves on.   But with each and every one, she’s very clear in her intentions.  She doesn’t lead them to believe there will be more.  She doesn’t deceive them about her actions nor does she pretend to be something that she’s not.  She’s honest, forthright and refuses to subject her behavior to outside opinion.

Men and women have been engaging in lustful behavior since the beginning of time, yet for just as long, women have been forced to hide their desire while men have been encouraged to flaunt theirs.  Sam knows those men aren’t having sex with themselves.  They’re pleasuring women and women are enjoying it—something she is all about!  While she respects a person’s right to modesty and privacy in their sexual relations, she disdains a hypocritical charade regarding the same.

Samantha Rawlings is today’s woman; independent, self-motivated and sexually in tune with her desires.  While some women may choose to settle down and marry, it’s no longer a requirement to fulfill their destiny in life.  Sam will take care of that herself, thank you very much! In fact, she does all that and then some!

And you can see for yourself.  Just leave a comment on this post and let me know what you think about the state of our sexual relations.  You’ll be entered to win a free copy of Lust on the Rocks, ebook or paperback (US and Canada only for paperback).  It’s the second in a series (connected by characters) after my debut novel Jennifer’s Garden. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!

Samantha sounds like my kind of heroine! 

About the Author:
Dianne lives in Central Florida with her husband, two children and part-time Yellow Lab--Cody-body!  When not whacking away at her keyboard crafting her next novel you'll find her in their organic garden chasing grasshoppers and plucking hornworms all while drawing wild analogies between kids and plants and men.  Definitely men.

A girl's gotta have fun, right?

When she's not knee-deep in dirt or romance, Dianne contributes garden advice for various websites and volunteers in her kids' school garden (a crazy existence to be sure). But at the end of the day, if she can inspire someone to stop and smell the roses--or rosemary!—kiss their child and spouse good-night, be kind to a neighbor and Mother Earth, then she's done all right.

Connect with Dianne:

http://www.BloominThyme.com - the last being my garden blog

Thanks, Dianne for stopping by!

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