Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekend Dirty Dozen 1/27/12

Here's a snippet from my wicked little short story -

In this scene, Broadway's premier choreographer Carmine Romero choreographs an impromptu sexual encounter between Chase and Haylee in a corner booth of a busy NYC deli.
Can Chase bring Haylee to orgasm using just his fingers? Can Haylee orgasm without giving away whats going on beneath the tablecloth?
Think, Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, only the orgasm is real!

“Spread your legs, sweetheart,” Carmine instructed. “Give Chase room to work.”
Her thighs fell open. “Make her come, Chase.”
Chase glanced around the room, and over his shoulder at the people on the street, going about their business. If anyone stopped near the window, they’d be able to see Haylee’s pussy, and Chase’s hand on her. “That’s half the fun,” Carmine said, accurately reading the thoughts on Chase’s face. “The element of possible discovery.”
Carmine winked at Haylee. “And watching her come without betraying her condition to everyone around. How good of an actress are you, Haylee?”
“We’re about to see,” she declared. 

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