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Dana Littlejohn - The Seven Year Switch

Could you make the switch from dutiful, submissive wife to paddle wielding queen bee to save your marriage? 

Blurb - 
Sonja Winters was enjoying the good life with a great job and being married to the man of her dreams. As she prepared to celebrate their seven year anniversary she came across a secret that her husband had been keeping from her that would alter the course of their marriage forever.

Help me welcome Dana Littlejohn to the blog today. 

Hello everyone,
I am Dana Littlejohn, author of erotic and sensual romance. My latest release is called The Seven Year Switch. It is about Sonja Winters, the wife in an established couple who finds out her husband had been keeping a secret from her for their entire marriage.
Roz has asked me to answer this question for this blog: It seems that marriages today are viewed at disposable - as soon as something goes wrong the marriage is thrown away rather than trying to fix the problem. So...why does your heroine go the extra mile to fix her marriage?
Hey, with the recent breakup of Heidi Clum and Seal's seven year marriage, this has become an even more relevant topic!
I understand Roz’s statement completely and I agree. My experiences have led me to the same conclusion. I guess the short answer to Roz’s question is I want my work to show that although some marriages are not perfect they are worth fighting for. I figure I can’t be the one who still believes that when you marry someone it should be ‘until death do you part’.
My person take on marriage is this: Marriage is work. Just like a job it takes time, effort and energy on a daily basis to do it right and get anything out of it. But, everybody’s job isn’t hard work and not everybody hates their job.
The Seven Year Switch is not my first book about a married couple. I like to show marriage in all its stages. The couples in them range from newlyweds to seasoned empty-nesters so that the readers can experience a wide range of love, sex, romance and drama within an established couple. Although I added a little out of the box spice to this book, I tried to keep Sonja’s reactions to finding out about what her husband is keeping her as real as I could.
When the truth finally comes out, the fact of the matter was their marriage would never be the same. The ultimatum was upon her. Was she going to make the kind of changes it took to make her marriage work or was she going to leave? There would be consequences either way. Sonja had to weigh the options to both and choose what was best for her. She chose to stay married because the bottom line was she loved her husband. In a Dana Littlejohn romance love and effort can erase a multitude of sins. J
When I created Sonja Winters I made her intelligent as well as intellectual. She is a fact-based thinker, but she does take her emotions into consideration when making important decisions. I didn’t think it fit her profile to leave Kyle after she discovered his secret. Of course she went through her thing, yelling, screaming, crying, anger, wanting to strangle him and all that—and Kyle caught hell behind it, too— but Sonja believed that he loved her. That made a difference.
People have asked me a few times who Sonja really is. Is she really me or someone I know? It’s a legitimate question since I am known to put real people in my books. Those important people on my life who have passed on have found a home in my books as secondary characters, a neighbor or someone on the phone. It is my way of keeping them ‘with us’. I either use their name and make the physical appearance totally different from the person or I change the name and keep the looks and personality, but let me go on record and say neither is the case when it comes to Sonja.
Sonja Winters does not exist off the pages of my book. She isn’t based on anyone, but I am hoping that every woman who reads her can relate to her on some level.
Thanks for having me, Roz! I had a great time.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, Dana. I'm a big fan of reality based romances. It's fun to escape on a cruise ship <grin> now and then, but I enjoy reading stories about people dealing with real life issues as well. I look forward to seeing how Sonja saves her marriage. I'm pulling for her!

Now - a bit about Dana-

Dana Littlejohn was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but has called Indianapolis, In. her home for over ten years. She has always wanted to write since early childhood, but put that wish on hold to raise her growing family and have a career. With the encouragement of her husband, Dana picked up her pen again in 2003 and has no intention on putting it down. With 3 novels, 8 novellas, 4 stories in anthologies, 42 short stories published to date and a long list of wips (works in progress) she is literally living her dream. Join her on the wild journey through her imagination. It’s a ride you’ll never forget!

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 Here's an Excerpt from THE SEVEN YEAR SWITCH
“Submissive men will always seek strong women because they are in need of her guidance,” Bianca said continuing her explanation.
Bianca’s voice was in an audible octave, not at all a whisper for Sonja’s benefit or to spare the feelings of the men. Sonja sipped her drink and sent a quick glance toward them. To her surprise, they stood at perfect attention, staring straight ahead showing no signs of emotion at all to what Bianca just said.
“Yes, well, I wouldn’t know that, Bianca. My husband is not a submissive man.”
“No disrespect to what you think you know, Sonja, but I beg to differ. Kyle is, in fact, a submissive man. He is what I call an alpha submissive. At work he can be very dominate and extremely aggressive when it comes to other men, but with a woman he has the desire to be humble and subservient.”
Sonja crossed her legs and turned her body toward her adversary. “Look, you must have my husband confused with another one of your men,” she sent a pertinent wave in the men’s direction, “because I know my husband. Kyle and I have been together for—“
“You have been together for the last ten years. You met while you were still in college. Kyle’s company was doing a project on your campus. He bumped into you, and you guys have been together ever since. Since then, you have graduated and have become a successful lawyer. You and Kyle were married October fourteenth, and yesterday made your seventh year anniversary. You have no children, but you want at least two, and a dog. You are leaning toward the Jack Russell breed because you want a smart dog that will not out-grow the child physically.”
Sonja’s eyes widened as she raised the cup to her mouth.
“Have I left anything out?”

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