Monday, February 6, 2012

Romancing the Valentine Giveaway Hop

Congratulations to Hope W.!

Ahhh, Valentine's Day! The day to celebrate love is just around the corner. It's the one day we set aside each year to tell the people we love...well, that we love them.
I'm of the mind that we should be doing this every day, but hey, some people need a reminder, so in that respect, Valentine's Day is a good thing.At least they'll get around to saying those three important words once a year!
But what about those people who aren't in a romantic relationship? Some people spend Valentine's Day alone, for one reason or another. That's what my Valentine's Day Free Read is about - two single people who find each other on Valentine's Day - quite by accident.
I intended the story to be short, just a few pages, but as I got into it, it grew...and grew.... until it was two parts!  So, I'm putting up the first part today, and the second part on Feb. 12th. 
Hop on over to my WEBSITE and take a look. 

Giveaway  -

I'm giving away a copy of my latest release, INSIDE HEAT.

How to enter -

1)Visit my website (see the link above or click HERE). 

2)Read A Hart for Talia on the Free Reads page.

3)Post the answer to these questions on my guestbook (on the website - not here)
First Question (answer is in Part I) - 
What does Talia do for a living?

Second Question (answer is in Part II - remember, this part will post on Feb. 12th)
What does Nick keep in the wooden box on his desk?

4) Each correct answer enters you to win a copy of INSIDE HEAT - so answer both questions, and double your chances of winning! 
A winner will be chosen on Feb. 14th.

Thanks for stopping by!

Also - In a separate post on my blog today, author, Jenna Ives is talking about her book, Snow White and Her Seven Lovers. Fill in the blank (found on the post) and you could win a copy of her book!

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