Saturday, May 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 5/6/12

Okay, so it's a lousy photo, but I don't have a cover for this book yet, so this will have to do!

In this snippet from my latest work in progress, 
Sweet Carolina, NASCAR driver Dell Wayne has just won a race,  but he's losing the battle when it comes to staying away from team owner, Carolina Hawkins.

"You know what's killing me, Caro?" he asked as he closed the distance between them. Caro held her ground. He smelled of stale champagne, sweat with a hint of burnt rubber thrown in. It should have been nauseating, but to Caro it was the smell of victory, however won. She lifted her eyes to his as he slid one foot between her splayed ones and pressed his body into her personal space.
"Lord knows dying on the track would be easier than keeping my hands off you every day." 

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