Thursday, August 9, 2012

Erotic Badlibs Blog Hop & Give@way

So... I tried to do this all by myself, but found it impossible since I knew how the story went. Recalling how much fun the Madlibs books were when I was a kid, I decided to give it a try with some of my grown up friends - my roomies at the Romance Writers of America conference! These ladies are a world of fun any day of the week, but put them in pajamas with a glass of wine in their hand...

See for yourself.

          Damian tickled across the wrist. His wet finger made Libby weak. His toes bulged. His impressively dripping knee made her dildo swell. He was so slippery that he made her feel soft in comparison. His silky eyes fucked with her nipple ring.
          “Get over here, Libby. I want to spank your ass, and can’t stop myself from sucking on your tits.” He pumped slowly, making her big toe breathe sheepishly.
          “Oh, Damian. Be pizza with me. I haven’t had a hot fireman in so long.” Libby spanked him. Her eyes slid closed and her head fell back.
          His marshmallow touched her pillow and drew a climax from her lips. A calloused hand stroked her sheet making her moist cucumber scream. With forty-two fingers, he entered her nose. She couldn’t stop the tongue from escaping her lips.
          “Lay back, Libby. Let me swipe your hat. I want you hotter than a stiletto before I squirt my saliva in your feather duster.” He grinned erotically.
          She moaned, nodding. She thrust her hips south-southwest and licked deep in her throat. “Anything you want, Damian. I want to feel your slippery balls so badly I can barely stand it.”
          A shiver skated down her leg at the feel of his feather invading her. Sensations like a rainy day moved through her. She could feel the building carpet start with a shudder in her kneepads. She looked up into his face. His sticky eyes swept with juice. His pretty lube pressed deeply into her pussy. She could feel his shiny cock. His increased speed caused her baby oil to beg against the bed. A sound, like a rhinoceros vibrated in her chest. She knew she was going to come. All she needed was his erogenous zone to drink her slowly.
          With a final condom, she split off into bliss. Her fingers tensed, her phone tightened and her eyes closed on the feeling of his camera sinking desperately into her.

Many thanks to my roomies whose names have been changed to protect the innocent - Chrissy, DeeDee and Vanna! 
You're the best roomies ever!

Dear readers, tell me about your most memorable sleepover and you'll be entered to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card.
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  1. Okay, I want your roomies to always help with the badlibs! What a great version. :o)


  2. My most memorable sleepover was when me and my BFF "borrowed" my moms car at about 1am to go out. The car got towed from the street we parked on. We got another friend to drop us off at the tow yard, and had to sit around for about two and a half hours for them to technically open. We got the car out and rushed home. We got there about quarter to 8 and hurried to my room to sleep. My mom woke us about 10am for breakfast. As we are sitting at the table my oldest brother comes in from outside and says to my mom when did you get your car towed. Me and my BFF didnt say aword, we just ate with our faces locked on our plates, while they argued about it. Here to find out we cleaned up everything but the numbers/letter that marked the back window. Lol. Since she couldnt prove it we never got in trouble for it, and I still have not admitted to it even 12 years later. I will never forget that night because I was pretty sure we were going to die by my mothers hands. Thx for give away.

  3. I guess my most memorable sleepovers were generally with my cousin (who is my same age). There were many nights of staying out all night, doing a little partying (or a lot, lol). There are many times that I don't remember everything that happened even all these years later.
    I used to enjoy doing madlibs.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  4. It was a friends 18th birthday party. We had pizza and coke and just talked for a long time. After her parents went to bed we all went outside and tped a neighbors house. I don't know how we weren't heard, we laughed so loud while throwing rolls of tp all over the place. It was such fun.
    This is such a fun hop.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  5. When we stayed up all night eating and watching movies.


  6. I loved madlibs when i was a kid. They were so fun! You did a great job! Thanks for the fun hop and awesome giveaway! A sleepover i remember was going to a friends birthday party. Were ate pizza and junk food, had fun, played games, etc. In the middle of the night, we walked to the store, bought the biggest pack of toilet paper we could find and teepeed her parents house. Her step dad was so mad, her made us clean it the next morning, which wasnt easy. We all laughed and had fun though! ;)