Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sex with Guest Blogger, Em Petrova

Em Petrova is here today celebrating the release of her new book, Wild Wild Hearts. I do love a good cowboy story! 

Blurb - 
Lady Sofia is one of the most sought-after women on the frontier. But her “boss” calls the shots from what she may eat to who she spends the night with. Recently he's asked too much when he demands she and her long-time lover Isaac use their charms to seduce a man she wants to tangle limbs with all too much. 

With Sofia, Isaac Strong is part of a two-for-one deal known as the “Jade Pair” for the color of their eyes. When the rugged Nolan Hollis walks into their lives, Isaac's yearnings kick like a wild stallion. But will the honorable man want anything to do with them, especially once he discovers the Jade Pair's mission is to steal a prized object from the Hollis family? 

Nolan must have the stunning saloon girl, even if it means she comes packaged with Isaac. Soon Nolan is equally as drawn to the quiet and handsome man. While he struggles not to lose his heart to his lovers from the wrong side of humanity, he works to hide his rendezvous from his family. But soon Nolan realizes his lovers intend to steal more than his heart...

Take it away, Em!

Hello friends! Today I thought I’d share six sentences of sex. Enjoy!

Isaac spread her farther. The cool air touching her inner folds mingled with the warmth of Nolan’s breath. Able to smell her own arousal, she longed for a chance at her men. To bury her nose in the auburn love trail leading to Isaac’s shaft, or inhale deeply and hold her breath as Nolan pushed his cock into the back of her throat.
She shivered.
“She’s fucking primed. I’ve gotta taste her.”


Em Petrova
~where words mean so much more~

Thanks so much for stopping by, Em. Between the blurb, and those six sentences, I think I'm in love! Gotta get this one!

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