Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thursday Thirteen - The Christmas 'Don't I Wish' List

Last week I posted a list of things I didn’t want to find under my Christmas tree, so this week I set out to create my money’s no object list Christmas list. I found it surprisingly difficult to come up with thirteen things I consider over the top luxury items. A couple of them are things I could buy for myself if I really, really wanted to. The rest, not so much. But it’s nice to dream!

1.      Vintage Starlet Robe
2.      Season Tickets to the New York Yankees
3.      Alaskan Cruise – I’m not picky. Choose one.
5.      A nice, 4 Bdr. Victorian  - this one will do nicely.
7.      My own tour bus
8.      Maid/cook/personal assistant. I couldn’t find one of these online. What a shame. I really could use one.
9.      Gazebo
13.  Peace.

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  1. #8 would be my hands-down (hands-on?) favorite.

    1. Yes, that one should probably be at the top of the list!

  2. Love the list, D! I'll take number 5 but with 7 bdrs and each with a complete bath, solar paneling and located on the outskirts of Vancouver, B.C. Then I'd like to magically learn how to manage my time where I can write at least 5 hrs. a day. I'd also like plane tickets for the entire family to Vancouver for a four week vacation. And I'll take one decadent kitchen too, please. And last but not least (I could keep going!:p)one adorable husky puppy. :)

    Oh, BTW, can you swing by in your Candy Apple Red Camaro tomorrow for some tea and cake? ;)


    1. My, aren't we greedy???? LOL As soon as I get that Camaro, I'll pop over for a visit!