Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thirteen Signs that I'm Losing My Mind

There's a lot going on in my life these days and I think the stress maybe getting to me. Here are thirteen examples to substantiate the claim.
1.      I don’t know what day of the week it is.
2.      I just typed si for is.
3.      I booked the return flight from our cruise a day before the ship docks.
4.      I made a list of things to do today and don’t know where I put it.
5.      I packed something I need in a moving box and can’t remember which one it is.
6.      I didn’t label some of the moving boxes with their important contents.
7.      I told my husband something important – in my mind – not actually out loud. Naturally, he didn’t hear it.
8.      I left my cell phone in the car.
9.      It took me an hour to notice my cell phone was missing.
10.  It took me another hour to figure out where I left my missing cell phone.
11.  I went to the store to buy milk. I bought lots of stuff, however, none of it was milk.
12.  I discussed plot points for my latest novel with my dog.
13.  I thought the dog had some good points regarding the plot.


  1. *pats you on back*
    We've all been there, hon. Especially the store thing. ...sigh...
    I hope you'll find things level out soon. And that you're able to correct your flight booking.

    Happy TT!

  2. LOL I feel your pain, sweetie. Been there, done all that. But isn't it good that you can exercise the frustration by spinning it into an entertaining blog post? And hey, a cruise! Focus on that and you won't care that you've lost your mind. ;-)

  3. Forget about dog walker costs. You could hire the dog out as a consultant.

  4. Oh, Roz, you made me laugh - because sadly, I relate to most of these! Take a moment for yourself and just...breathe... ((hugs from downunder))