Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review - Points on a Curve

My Review

Points on a Curve is a slam-dunk read. Diane Nelson spins a tale of unexpected love and intrigue that spans the globe, pulling the reader along with snappy dialogue and witty prose. Rob is an unlikely hero—not the usual alpha male, but a dare I say, semi-nerdy, sports journalist on the hunt for the story that will cement his career. I fell in love with Rob from the beginning. Determined not to like the woman his sister plans to set him up with, he’s surprised to find that Tay is exactly his type, and his nose for news tells him there’s more to her than a pair of legs long enough to wrap around his waist.
Trusting the wrong man cost Tay her career as a professional basketball player, damaged her credibility, and wounded her heart. Her attraction to her best friend’s younger brother is unexpected as well as impossible (for reasons I won’t disclose). Determined to reinvent herself, the last thing Tay needs is someone snooping into the past she’s trying desperately to bury, but Rob won’t take no for an answer, and no matter how hard she tries to deny her feelings for him, she can’t.
Both characters need to be rescued, Rob from his loner lifestyle and Tay from the mistakes of her past. The problem is, they don’t necessarily want to be rescued. At least not by each other. What they want is hot, no strings sex, but they both realize once they sink that basket the game will be over.
I thoroughly enjoyed the game these two played on the way to the final score—a slam-dunk love. Ms. Nelson takes you center court and gives you a full four quarters of sexual tension and intrigue before the final buzzer sounds on her characters. In the end, everybody wins, Tay, Rob, and especially the reader.

My Rating

I give Points on a Curve five stars.

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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful review, Roz. You made my day!