Friday, June 28, 2013

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop - Bases Loaded


I've chosen a snippet from my new release, Bases Loaded - Mustangs Baseball #3. Enjoy!

He's through playing games.

He pulled her close, and when she opened her mouth, probably to spout out some more nonsense, he covered it with his. Blood rushed south, making him painfully aroused. Kissing had never been like this before—exciting and promising. In fact, he rarely kissed the women he bedded, but he could kiss Clare all day long and never get enough of her taste. That was a conundrum he would have to sort out later. His first order of business was getting her skirt off.
It took some groping, but he found the zipper. More fancy handwork and the fastener slid down, allowing the skirt to fall to the floor. He broke the kiss and stepped back to get a better look at what he had unwrapped.
He gripped her waist and lifted her to sit on the desk. “I need you so damned bad.” He stepped between her splayed legs, forcing them farther apart. “Tell me this is what you want, too, Clare. Tell me you want me.”
She reached between them and wrapped her hand around his throbbing dick. Dear God. He was going to die, right here, right now. He sucked in a harsh breath and tightened every muscle in his body in an effort to keep from shoving her back and slamming into her, or at the very least from collapsing at her feet.
“I want you, Antonio.”
He slid her ass, desk blotter and all, to the edge of the desk. “Guide me in.”
Their heads bumped as they both bent to watch his cock slide in. His heart skipped a beat. Heaven. He had died and gone to Heaven. Nothing on Earth could feel so good, and Christ Almighty, nothing could be more beautiful than this woman. His dick slowly disappeared inside her. She gave a little gasp when his pubic bone met her clit.

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  1. Holy hotness (LOL) Way to leave a gal hanging in...well, hangin' *grins*

    Loved it...excellent choice for an excerpt:)

    1. Thanks,Kay Dee. So glad you enjoyed the snippet!

  2. Fantastic snippet, Roz. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you back with My Sexy Saturday.


  3. Wow! My "Immortal Relations" has been called erotic, but I bow to the Master..."Bases Loaded" has it all!