Saturday, September 27, 2014

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

I made the USA Today Best-sellers List!

This past week, INSIDE HEAT made the USA Today Best-sellers list as one of twelve Sports-themed Romances in the Playing for Passion boxed set. To honor that accomplishment, here's a never-before shared short excerpt from INSIDE HEAT.

 “You’re large – both of you.” Her comment earned another string of curses interlaced with a few promises she was all too eager to take them up on. She released them and received yet another creative exclamation from each of them. Ignoring their protests, she crossed to the neat stack of Jeff’s clothing and picked up the item she wanted.
Megan held up the necktie she’d taken from Jeff’s things. “Would one of you use this to blindfold me, please?”
“It’s my tie. I’ll do it,” Jeff said, reaching for the length of navy silk. Megan turned slightly so he had access to the back of her head.
“What’s the blindfold for?” Jason asked.
“It’s a test, sort of. For me. I want the two of you to make love to me – slowly. Don’t tell me what you’re going to do next, or who’s doing it. I want to see if I can tell you apart using my other senses.”

Congratulations, and many thanks to my friends and colleagues who made Playing for Passion a success. I'm honored to share the list with you!

PLAYING FOR PASSION is available for a limited time only. Get twelve novels  for .99 before the set goes away forever!

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