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Mistletoe Blog Hop - 2014

Welcome to the Mistletoe Blog Hop!

Enjoy this peek inside my kinky Christmas short story - 

Excerpt -

Marley would have forgotten her Secret Santa gift if Cindy hadn’t reminded her. As it was, she waited until she was home to open it. Office gifts were notorious for being awful—case in point, the ridiculous leather strap Cindy received—and Marley wasn’t very good at pretending. Every emotion she experienced showed on her face—good or bad. The only way to keep from hurting a co-worker’s feelings was to open the gift in private.
After heating a bowl of leftover chili, she settled on the sleeper sofa that, except for a television perched on a stand, was her only furniture. She made decent money, but with student loans to pay off and the high price of living in the city, there wasn’t much left over. At least her third-floor walk-up studio apartment had a kitchen. Not everyone in Manhattan could say as much.
She finished off her meal then reached for the gift. The box was the type used for men’s neckties, which she guessed was exactly what was inside. Most people in the office knew she was female, but with a unisex name like hers, someone clearly had not bothered to check. It wasn’t the first time the mistake had been made, and it wouldn’t be the last.
Lifting the lid, she stared at the contents. Not a tie, was the first thing that popped into her head. Then, reading the slip of paper, her head spun.
Who would give her such a thing? She’d heard of Bottom’s Up. Who hadn’t? Every news outlet of any kind had reported on the exclusive club during the hoopla surrounding the latest BDSM book everyone was reading. After seeing a television news clip about the place, she and her then boyfriend, Max, had tried spanking. And she’d loved it.
They’d spank each other as discipline for trumped up transgressions, like being late when they met somewhere for dinner or forgetting to say please or thank you. Sometimes, Max would turn her over his knee and pepper her bottom with quick slaps that eventually became loving caresses and led to hot sex. Thinking back on the things they’d done together made her wet with need. She’d loved the spanking even when it hadn’t ended with the two of them in bed. It didn’t make any sense to her, but the spankings made her feel loved.
Giving the spankings up had been more difficult than giving up Max. Other than the spanking and the occasional round of super-hot sex, there had been nothing between them. They didn’t like the same foods, the same books or movies. He hated the city, and she loved it. His decision to move to New Jersey and commute by train meant they would hardly see each other unless she moved with him. Not willing to give up her life in the city—such as it was—had been the last straw.
Marley read the gift certificate again. She’d only told one person at the office about the spankings. Cindy. God, she loved that woman! They’d worked together like a well-oiled clock for the last six months, and over time, they’d become friends, too. Leave it to her to come up with a unique gift, something meaningful, even if the recipient was too shy to use it. It was the thought that counted, right?
She set the certificate aside and took the dirty bowl to the kitchen. While she washed her dinner dishes, she tried to think of something special she could do for her friend in return for being so thoughtful. For all the confiding Marley had done, thinking up something equally as meaningful for Cindy proved difficult. The woman was a good listener, but she did tend to keep things to herself.
God, what if she told someone else? What if the certificate had come from a person she didn’t know?
Marley tamped down the panic making her pulse race. She’d simply thank her co-worker for the gift tomorrow. If she hadn’t given it to her, she’d say so. Then Marley could panic.

Blurb -

Cindy has fantasized about spanking Marley ever since her fellow designer admitted to missing the sexual kink after ending a short-lived relationship. Rigging the office gift exchange is simple compared to admitting her growing feelings for the other woman.
Marley can’t believe Cindy’s thoughtful present. The gift certificate to NYC’s notorious fetish club, Bottoms Up, would be perfect if Cindy herself were the one swinging the paddle, but admitting to having a thing for her co-worker could ruin a perfectly good working relationship as well as a treasured friendship. 

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  1. Thank you for being part of the blog hop and sharing your books.
    My newest item, a custom made paddle!

    Kathy Heare Watts, and Kindle/mobi
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  2. I remember reading about candy caning once...

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  3. Just about everything I can think about could be a toy. I have an ornament on my tree that would make wonderful nipple clamps. Thank you for the giveaway.

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  5. Hi! Happy holidays! Thank you all for the fun!! Hope you have a blast with your family​! I just read a snippet of an author whose characters used wrapping paper. It was pretty hot! :D

  6. If you are creative enough just about any could be pervertable. Can't say I've given it much thought before.