Saturday, February 14, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

In a few short days, pitchers and catchers will report to training camp for the 2015 season.

To honor the auspicious opening of Spring Training -
SPRING TRAINING - Mustangs Baseball #5
is on sale!
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It takes discipline to play the game.

   After months of frustrating failures, Todd’s relationship with Brooke is teetering on the edge of self-destruction. Entering into a full-time Master/slave lifestyle without proper instruction was a mistake he’s determined to correct, so, after arranging a training program at home for Brooke, Todd heads to Arizona with the Mustangs for some Spring Training of his own.
   Overwhelmed by her lessons, and suspicious as to what her master is doing, Brooke pulls a disappearing act on her instructor, showing up in Arizona to find the Mustangs’ Training Camp isn’t the only work out Todd is receiving. The training is brutal, but with the help of Mistress Lola the couple learn to live the lifestyle they’ve chosen.

“Christ, babe. You’re killing me.” He applied pressure to the back of her head. She smiled then obediently took him to the back of her throat.
Within seconds, pleasure blinded him to everything but the love he felt for his woman. She captured his balls in her hand, rolling and tugging on them. His orgasm came at him like a fastball gone wild, spinning his head around and setting him on his ass.

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