Saturday, March 28, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

Cover Reveal

I'm super excited to show off the cover for the third story in my Lesbian Office Romance Series.

Look for 

Pushing the Envelope



A real life hero, Air Force Captain Dawn Early has seen her share of combat and lived to tell about it. Pressed into service as part of a group to sing the national anthem before a game at Yankee Stadium, the decorated helicopter pilot arrives in New York City short one hotel room and most of her patience. Accepting the offer to share a room with sexy Air Force Intelligence Officer, Captain Skye Hale, takes pushing the envelope to whole new level.

S.O.S. Snippet:

When their faces were a breath away, she dropped her gaze to full lips, parted in invitation. “This is so wrong, but you aren’t. You’re perfect.” Shutting every reason she shouldn’t do what she intended to do out of her mind, she closed the distance between them. Angling her head, she pressed her mouth to Dawn’s. 

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