Tuesday, June 9, 2015


It's finally here!
The third installment in my Lesbian Office Romance series releases today!


A real life hero, Air Force Captain Dawn Early has seen her share of combat and lived to tell about it. Pressed into service as part of a group to sing the national anthem before a game at Yankee Stadium, the decorated helicopter pilot arrives in New York City short one hotel room and most of her patience. Accepting the offer to share a room with sexy Air Force Intelligence Officer, Captain Skye Hale, takes pushing the envelope to a  whole new level.


There wasn’t water cold enough to douse the flames licking at her insides. Dawn cursed herself for the underhanded trick she’d played, correctly assuming Skye would drop the towel the second she heard the bathroom door close. Timing was everything, and she’d timed it perfectly. Even played it pretty cool, if she did say so herself. Hell, men didn’t think anything of running around naked in front of each other, so why should women?
She’d expected no more than a peek before Skylar hid behind some article of clothing, but she’d been treated to a nice long look at all that creamy skin. And, shit, those tits! The way they sat up, all perky, the nipples tight—whether from the room’s air conditioning or from Dawn’s interest, she didn’t know. Didn’t care. She’d seen what she wanted, confirmed the magnificent body the tailored uniform had promised. She’d have that image to both comfort and torment her for the remainder of the weekend because she didn’t do military women.
The official stance on sexuality remained “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and she sure as hell wasn’t going to ask about her new roommate’s preferences.
But you’d show her yours.
In a heartbeat…if she asked.
She won’t ask.
No, she won’t.
Dawn adjusted the mixer valve to a warmer setting and moved under the spray, tilting her chin up to let the water cascade down her body. Soaping her hands, she cupped her breasts, massaging the ache that began there and ended with an insistent throb between her legs. She pinched her nipples, tugging and rolling them between her fingers until the longing turned to pain—a sharp reminder of her solitary existence.
She’d been too determined to achieve her goal of becoming a pilot to consider the type of life she would be committing herself to when she entered the Academy. At eighteen, she’d thought she could have it all, a glamorous, exciting career, as well as a satisfying personal life. She’d accomplished the former beyond her wildest imagining and failed miserably at the latter.
In a profession dominated by males with testosterone-fueled egos, many viewed femininity as a weakness, so she ruthlessly buried that side of herself at work, smiling inwardly at what they didn’t know. Her love of sexy lingerie was none of their business, and since returning stateside, she indulged that love, wearing lace and satin under her flight gear. Fuck regulations.
Over the years, she’d had her share of sexual encounters with men, but they’d all ended soon after they’d begun. It hadn’t taken long to figure out the reason—she wasn’t as attracted to them as they were to her. She owed that revelation to the guy she’d met at a bar while stationed in Mississippi for pilot training. A local, he already had a girlfriend and had been looking for a third in their relationship—at his girlfriend’s request. He’d talked Dawn into going to bed with them. And that was that. Her only threesome. Her first encounter with a woman, and her last with a man.
She ducked her head under the spray, trying to wash away the memories of that long-ago night, and more recently, the sight of Captain Hale’s firm tits and luscious curves. God, what she wouldn’t give to taste her skin, to feel her body up against her own—grinding, seeking pleasure.
Giving in to her need, she reached between her legs, spreading her swollen folds with her fingers, stroking. Bracing one hand on the shower wall, she plunged her middle finger into her tight channel and flicked her clit with her thumb. She had to bite her bottom lip to keep from crying out as sensations built upon each other, taking her higher, higher. The orgasm claimed her, spinning her head like an out-of-balance rotor, sending her to her knees. Bent over and gasping for air, she let the warm water wash away her tears.

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