Saturday, September 19, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

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This is a re-release of the short story formerly titled, Making it on Broadway.

She tried to imagine the moment. The stage would be set – a darkly lit strip club – a stage upon the stage. She’d be there, spotlighted in her stripper costume. Chase – Henry, would be there too, sitting at a bar table. The curtain would rise. Applause from the crowd.
The music swelled into the opening number and Haylee began to move, silently mouthing the words as she let Madeline take over her body. Keeping her eyes closed, she concentrated on the beat, on using her body to seduce Henry. She imagined how she would move, how she would remove the pieces of her costume – the one she didn’t have yet. Instead, she tugged at the belt of her robe, pulling the ends until the bow at her waist slid free.
Cool air brushed her stomach and thighs as the fabric parted, hanging at the top on her breasts. She pulled the belt free and tossed it. She wrapped one arm around her midsection, holding the robe closed. With one leg bent on tip-toe, she twisted in what she hoped was a coquettish fashion, sliding her free hand along her satin covered thigh, then up again. She flashed Henry a glimpse of what lay beneath the satin, then turned so her back was to her prey.
With a shrug, the robe slipped from one shoulder. The words of the song played through her mind. This is where Madeline’s last shred of self-esteem warred with her desperation and desire for stardom. How far would she go? What would she do for another chance on Broadway?
Haylee knew the answer. Madeline would do anything, including dance naked in public for this man. Henry could make her a star. She had the talent, she just needed a chance. Decision made, Haylee/Madeline let the robe fall to the floor, turning her body as the fabric fluttered to the floor. In her mind, she saw Henry – his hungry gaze following her every move. This was it, her one chance to cast her spell over him. If he liked what he saw, what her body language promised, he’d take her away from this and she’d be a star. She’d make it on Broadway.

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