Saturday, February 6, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

I'm so pleased to have placed second in the Smexy and Fabulous Promotions, Smexiest F/F author category!

To celebrate, here's a snippet from Special Delivery Valentine.

Rachel fanned her fingers through Sophia’s hair, cradling her head and studying her face with an intensity that made Sophia shiver. “I feel it, too.”
Her gaze drifted to Sophia’s lips. Slowly, she lowered her head. Their mouths met. Sophia opened, allowing Rachel to plunge her tongue inside. Heat blazed a path straight to her pussy. She ground against the thigh wedged between her own, seeking relief. Her lover complied, pushing harder against her, setting a steady rhythm that eased the ache while building a deeper one at the same time.
“Put your hands on me.” Rachel growled the order then went back to plundering Sophia’s mouth. Not one to disregard an order, especially when she’d been dying to touch her almost from the first instant she’d laid eyes on her, she moved her hands to cup the woman’s ass.
The word “fine” didn’t do it justice. Firm and round, she could squeeze it all day long, but she was eager to know every inch of the magnificent body lying atop hers. Trailing her hands up, she followed the line of Rachel’s trim waist, over her rib cage to the pert breasts she’d imagined touching. She brushed her thumb over the small nipple, groaning when it hardened from her attention. Closing her palm over the mound, she squeezed hard enough to elicit a gasp from her lover.
“God, Sophia. Do that again.” 

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