Saturday, February 20, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

Baseball is Back!
Pitchers and Catchers reported to Training Camp this week!
To honor this auspicious event, SPRING TRAINING is on sale for just .99!

It takes discipline to play the game.


After months of frustrating failures, Todd’s relationship with Brooke is teetering on the edge of self-destruction. Entering into a full-time Master/slave lifestyle without proper instruction was a mistake he’s determined to correct, so, after arranging a training program at home for Brooke, Todd heads to Arizona with the Mustangs for some Spring Training of his own.

Overwhelmed by her lessons, and suspicious as to what her master is doing, Brooke pulls a disappearing act on her instructor, showing up in Arizona to find the Mustangs’ Training Camp isn’t the only work out Todd is receiving. The training is brutal, but with the help of Mistress Lola the couple learn to live the lifestyle they’ve chosen.


It was too much. Every muscle in her body coiled like an over-wound wind-up toy. The spring snapped before she could stop it. 

Her body convulsed. She tried to open her mouth to cry out, but she couldn’t budge the hand holding her chin. Her screams turned to whimpers that filled her head like cotton, insulating her from what sounded like sharp curses.

Another flick to the clamp on her right nipple sharpened her focus on the man above her, filling her. Her pussy clenched around his cock buried deep inside her.

“You’re mine.” He pulled out slowly then filled her again and again. On the third thrust, he repeated through gritted teeth, “Mine,” then spilled his seed inside her.

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