Saturday, July 9, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

A 4th of July Romance

The woman’s voice had been driving her crazy all day, making her imagine how it would sound thick with arousal. And now she knew. It would be every bit as erotic as she’d imagined—dark and mysterious, and undeniable. She’d never be able to say no to passion that hot. Never wanted to.

She clasped her fingers at Dawn’s nape and brought her closer, drinking in her unique scent. Her skin scorched her fingers, but she couldn’t let go even if it meant being incinerated by the fire.

When their faces were a breath away, she dropped her gaze to full lips, parted in invitation. “This is so wrong, but you aren’t. You’re perfect.” Shutting every reason she shouldn’t do what she intended to do out of her mind, she closed the distance between them. Angling her head, she pressed her mouth to Dawn’s.

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