Saturday, September 10, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

This year’s BDSM Writers Con Anthology captures your imagination as our featured authors whip up tales of romance with a kinky erotic twist. Jillian Verne’s erotic story about a shocking encounter with a violet wand will not only have you holding your breath, it’ll have you begging for more.Roz Lee examines the tensions created by an impending life-altering event and how one Domme helps alleviate those tensions for her submissive. Cris Anson takes you on a journey from submission to slavehood, delving into the trials and tribulations of one woman as she gives up her control to her new Master in the ultimate power exchange. And enter Jean Johnson’s paranormal world where spankings and erotic pleasure are explored on a totally new dimension.
Each year we bring you the best BDSM erotica from the deliciously wicked minds of our featured authors. Our stories range from BDSM light to Advanced and push you toward the edge with a little Dark Erotica—if you dare to read that far. Discover them all for yourself!

Excerpt from Behind Every Great Man by Roz Lee

“Did you ever think this day would come?” I adjust my tie then hold out my left wrist. My gorgeous and devoted wife tugs the French cuff into place, but not before I catch a glimpse of the abrasions coloring my fair skin. The sight of the angry red marks makes me hard in an instant. Memories of the night before threaten to derail my thoughts.
“I knew it would.” Marjorie folds my starched white cuff back, anchoring it in place with a square gold, monogrammed link. “You’ve worked your entire life for this, and I, for one, had no doubt you would achieve your goal.”
She wiggles her fingers, signaling for me to present my right wrist so she can fasten that cuff as well. Ever obedient to her commands, I do as instructed then hiss when, instead of adjusting my sleeve, her fingers circle my wrist like a vise. My dick hardens more, yet I don’t dare jerk away from her touch. If I do, we’ll be late, and if ever there was a day I cannot be late, this is it. She tightens her fingers, increasing the pressure. Without her saying a single word to me, my mind slips back in time as I’m certain she intended. 

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