Monday, February 13, 2012

Deciphering Your Bouquet

Did someone send you flowers for Valentine's Day? It's widely known that a red rose symbolizes passionate love, but what if your bouquet contains something...different?

Just in case, I've compiled a list of a few things you might have received, and what it means if you did.

CorianderIf your true love sent you a clump of Coriander, then you're in luck! Yep, coriander means your lover lusts for you! Lucky You!

Baby's Breath Does your bouquet include Baby's Breath? Those cute little dots of white symbolize everlasting love. This is good.
Carnation Carnations in your bouquet can mean any number of things. In general, they symbolize bonds of affection. Pink ones say he'll never forget you. Red, says, his heart aches for you. (sounds kinda like a funeral to me). White one symbolize pure love. Beware if you get striped ones. They mean sorry, I can't be with you, or yellow ones - Rejection!

I've never seen these, but if you get them, they may not come with a card because Acacia's symbolize a secret love!

Generally speaking, any kind of flower, as long as it's red or pink, symbolizes love.
Happy Valentine's Day! 

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