Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Naughty After Dark Blog Hop

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I write scorching hot, contemporary erotic romance.
Here's a sample from my latest, INSIDE HEAT.

“I’ve got to feel you,” he whispered near her ear. “Spread for me. Let me in.”
Somewhere she found the muscle control to lift her feet, draping her legs over Jeff’s. He let his legs fall to the side, spreading her wide. She gasped at his blunt invasion. Two fingers, maybe three all at once. Conquering her with his first pitch. His hand pressed to her stomach kneading her tensed muscles, coaxing her to accept him. “Christ, you’re tight and hot.” He flexed his fingers against her inner walls and she shuddered around him.
“Not yet,” he admonished as he pulled his fingers to her rim. “You know better, sweetheart.” She heard the smile in his voice. He loved this, playing her like he did the weaker batters. Give them a taste of what they want with the first pitch, then take it back with the next. He toyed with her inner lips before plunging back inside up to his third knuckles. His fingers fluttered inside her like a three-headed beast, then he retreated.
Megan gasped and fought against his firm hold. The delicious torture threatened her sanity, while it drove her toward something so bright and shiny she couldn’t comprehend it. All she knew was she had to reach it, and if she trusted Jeff, if she gave herself into his care, he would take her there. He always had.

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