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Feelin' Lucky Giveaway Blog Hop

Congratulations to Stepanie A.!! 
Her name was chosen via as the winner of this contest.

So...I was trying to think of something I could share with you that would tie in with the St. Patrick's Day theme, and I was coming up with...nothing. Sure, my real name is very Irish, but I married into it. That doesn't keep me from claiming some of that famed Irish luck whenever I can! But, anyway, back to the story. I've written a few characters with Irish roots - the Callahan brothers for example, Ryan and Sean. They're pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. They both have recurring roles in my Lothario series books. The first in the series, THE LUST BOAT is Ryan's story, and the third, LOVE ME TWICE is Sean's story, so to honor those two wickedly sexy guys, I'm going to give one lucky (see how I worked that in) person an ebook copy of both titles.

And since the Lothario is known for its Midnight Chocolate Buffet, here's what's being served onboard for St. Patrick's Day. You can find the recipe on my website, complete with a downloadable PDF version to make life easier for you.

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Here's a short excerpt from THE LUST BOAT -

Ryan Callahan

The moan escaped her as Thor flipped the wrap open to expose her bushy mound, covered by the scrap of white cloth he’d optimistically called an undergarment. She knew she should sit up and slap him silly, but it felt too good. Ryan’s hands mirrored Thor’s as they gently rolled her thighs open and kneaded the soft flesh there. She tried to block Thor out of her mind and imagine only Ryan’s hands on her. Fingers slid between her folds, protected by the fine silk panty. “Ah, Ryan, you are a lucky man,” Thor said. “See how she responds to your touch?”
            Could this get any worse? The silk panty clung to her skin as the fabric pressed into the moisture pooling there. “Put pressure here.” The heel of his hand pressed down over her mound. Thor demonstrated the technique, rolling his hand against her. “Now you try it.”
            Thor’s hand left her, taking his heat with him, only to be replaced by Ryan’s hand that burned even hotter. She’d never been more embarrassed in her life, but oh God, it felt good. Ryan’s touch overwhelmed her, reduced her to a mass of raw nerve endings. Thor continued to issue instructions to Ryan. His voice faded away in the sensual haze Candace drifted in. Lost in the incredible warmth and the need building inside her, she moved her hips, lifting against the delicious pressure Ryan created. 

And another from LOVE ME TWICE

Sean Callahan

She turned so she could see him and leaned against the railing. It was a mistake. His eyes, obscured by the aviator sunglasses, gave nothing away. Likewise, his face showed no sign of the roiling emotions the orange juice container guaranteed. He still wore his hair in a military cut, but perhaps to blend in on the ship, several days’ stubble darkened his sharp jaw. Sprawled across the chaise, dressed in nothing more than turquoise shorts she recognized as crew issue, he looked every inch the seducer of women the ship was named for.
It was going to take more than bravado to survive this encounter.
“You didn’t come to see me or Drew, so why are you here?”
“I’m on vacation. I thought a cruise would be relaxing.”
“You always were a terrible liar.”
There wasn’t any sense in arguing that point. She couldn’t win because it was true. That flaw had been the bane of her existence within the CIA, and later, the DIA. Thankfully, she’d had other qualities that made her a valuable asset to the department. Apparently, a change from one bowl of alphabet soup to another had done nothing to improve her deceptive abilities. “I’m here on business. I need to talk to your brother.”
He raised the juice container to his lips and drained it. Not a good sign. “You work for?”
“That’s none of your business.”
“If it involves the Lothario, it’s my business. Ryan isn’t onboard.” His smile challenged her to argue the point.
“Richard Wolfe?”
“Also not here. It’s me, or nobody.”
“Accidenti!” Crap! Some women had all the luck. She wasn’t one of them. She turned her gaze to the open sea. “You’re in charge?”
He moved as quietly as a jaguar, and she knew, he could be equally deadly. Her heart raced as he joined her at the balustrade. One arm stretched across the small of her back, and his palm came to rest on the curve of her thigh and inched upward until it cupped her butt cheek. The scrap of lace covering it did nothing to filter the heat radiating from his skin to hers. His thumb stroked the soft flesh he found there.
“If you can call it that. What’s this about?” His voice dropped to that low register, the one that made her pussy clench and her mind go blank.

And here's where your luck comes in. All you have to do to enter the drawing for a free copy of THE LUST BOAT and LOVE ME TWICE is simply follow this blog, and leave me a message below to let me know you have done so. 
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