Sunday, March 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 3/11/12

 I hope you remembered to set you clock forward this morning. I guess that makes it official - we've set the clocks forward, so it must be baseball season!

Here's a snippet from INSIDE HEAT, set in the world of professional baseball - one of my all-time favorite sports.

Megan has finally set aside her qualms about being with Jeff and Jason at the same time. 

They kept up a litany of praise as they took her. She barely registered their words as her nerve endings sent frantic messages to her brain from every part of her body. As she lay like a limp doll between Jeff and Jason, their hands and lips made sure no part of her lacked for attention. It was like a drug, this overdose of pleasure. Could one die from too much pleasure? As her body coiled tightly around her center, she knew she was willing to die right here, right now, if only she could reach the pinnacle that was so close.

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