Saturday, April 28, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 4/29/12

Here's a snippet from Inside Heat, which just garnered a 4 Star Review from Romantic Times Book Reviews and is on the Amazon, Sports Fiction, Bestseller list.

Jeff and Jason are trying to convince Megan to give their unusual proposal some thought.

“Let us show you the house. If you decide you’d like to stay a while longer, that’s okay; but if you need to go, you can. We won’t stop you.”
It sounded so reasonable, spoken in that low, masculine voice that it sent shivers down her spine and made her hips move against his. What would it hurt to see the house? her inner vixen argued while her rational side kept silent – probably struck dumb by the feel of Jason’s erection pinned between them. God, he felt good – another reminder that sex with these two would likely shake the earth.

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