Monday, November 19, 2012

Review - Too Close for Comfort by Lynne Marshall

Joy Waltham is stressed out. Before she can expand her business empire, she needs her ex-husband's signature dissolving his silent partnership. A trip to Maine to find her ex, get the signature, and chill out seems ideal. But instead of relaxing, Joy winds up in the middle of a mystery--and wrapped in the overprotective arms of Comfort's chief of police--her ex-husband.

After retiring from LAPD, Paul Donovan took charge of tiny Comfort's police department. Bored senseless, he's still not ready for chaos in the form of his ex-wife shaking up his life. Joy arrives just in time to meddle in his investigation of a string of accidental deaths. Now forced to work together, Joy and Paul confront some unexpected challenges.

It's emotional deja vu as they dig through their thorny past, reawaken old sexual attraction, and face the fact they never stopped loving each other.

My Review - 

This is another great read from an author who continues to surprise me. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT is a cozy mystery woven together with a tender love story. As I’ve come to expect, Ms. Marshall’s characters come across as real, fleshed out people. They are your neighbors and your friends. Their emotions and personal struggles are believable.
As in her earlier work, ONE FOR THE ROAD, Ms. Marshall has done the romance world a favor by focusing on an older generation. Joy and Paul have been there – done that. Their twenty-something years of marriage ended in divorce, but they soon find that a piece of paper doesn’t make a divorce any more than it does a marriage.
Ms. Marshall does a fabulous job with the rebirth of the romance that brought these two together in the first place. If there’s any fault to be found in this story, it’s the way the heroine stumbles and bumbles her way into her ex-husband’s business. I was reminded of a clueless version of Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote fame, complete with a Cabot Cove-ish setting. I can forgive the heroine’s behavior because it becomes apparent that this trait was part of what made her attractive to the hero when they first met – before life’s struggles created a wedge between them.
Overall, I give TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT four stars. I enjoyed watching Joy and Paul rediscover what made them fall in love in the first place and come to terms with the realities that forced them apart. 

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