Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thursday Thirteen - What I learned at Readers and 'ritas

I spent last weekend in Texas with a couple hundred of my closest friends. Here is what I learned from the experience - in no particular order.

1.      Don’t sweat in the airport or you’re likely to be surrounded by TSA agents and thoroughly searched. I include this as a word of warning to menopausal travelers – especially if you must run to catch your plane. And no, this did not happen to me personally, but to a friend. True story. Pinky swear.
2.      What happens at conference doesn't necessarily stay at conference. Just ask Jade Lee.
3.      There are other people out there besides me who can read a book in a day – and do…often.
4.      Everything tastes good with nacho cheese sauce ladled over it.
5.      Black cherry flavored Mike’s Hard Lemonade is the BEST.
6.      Romance readers are my people.
7.      Miss Scarlet did it in the ballroom with a candlestick.
8.      It’s impossible to turn down a free book.
9.      If every ticket in the drawing had my name on it, somehow, I still wouldn't win the prize. *sigh*
10.  Don’t put away your costume until after Readers and ‘ritas in November
11.  Elvis is alive and well.
12.  The only inoperable ice machine in the hotel is on your floor. Always.
13.  You can eat dessert twice – or more – in one day.

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