Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Welcome to my very first Thursday Thirteen! Since we recently changed our clocks back to Standard Time, here are my 13 thoughts on 'Falling Back'.

1. Why did I not notice half the light bulbs in my house were out until it was dark at five p.m.?

2. I'm going to have to get some thicker curtains for my bedroom. Either that or nail a sheet of plywood over the windows until Spring.

3. I wish I could reset my dog's internal clock. 

4. I wish I could reset the clock in my car.

5. How many effing clocks are there in this house?

6. I want lunch, and they're still serving breakfast. The sun has been up for twelve hours already! Move on!

7. There's an advantage to eating dinner at five o'clock. Those early bird specials are fabulous!

8. Getting home before dark is no longer an option so quit driving as if the vampires are going to get you if you don't.

9. The vampires must love this! I wonder if they like the early bird specials too?

10. People pushing shopping carts in dark parking lots are dangerous.

11. Why aren't parking lot lights activated by darkness like street lights?

12. Why do I feel like I'm shopping in a 24 hour WalMart?

13. If I sleep until noon, I'll miss 3/4 of the day. Oh yeah - see #2. Not going to happen.

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  1. Two-way commutes in darkness make me feel like I'm one of the mole people. Ick.

  2. Hysterical. Thank you for listing all the things I've been thinking about, too!