Saturday, September 21, 2013

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

S.O.S. Plus

I'm doing things a bit differently today.

First, check out the cover for my upcoming release - Switch Hitter - Mustangs Baseball #4 and read my promised sexy snippet from that book.

Then scroll on down for information on a book signing I will be attending next week, along with 49 other authors who write every conceivable genre there is, at the Barnes & Noble in Bethlehem, PA. If you're in Western NJ or Eastern PA, you don't want to miss this event!

He's at home on both sides of the plate.

This awesome cover was created by Talina Perkins at Bookinitdesigns.

Blurb -

Five years ago, switch-hitting left fielder, Bentley Randolph ran from his private shame and never looked back until the Mustangs new trade acquisition, Sean Flannery, walked into the locker room and laid him flat with a single punch, bringing the memories back in a flash of pain and humiliation. Unable to escape this time, Bentley has no choice but to face his complicated feelings for Sean, as well as the woman he loves.

Sean Flannery hasn’t forgotten the incident that changed his life or forgiven Bentley for the cowardly way he handled the encounter—asking to be traded to another team. Recently traded to the Mustangs himself, Sean is determined to keep his distance from the man of his dreams, up until the moment his fist connects with the left fielder’s face and the ensuing brawl on the locker room floor reveals something he never dared hope for—Bentley still wants him.

S.O.S. Snippet - 

He tried to even out his breathing, but each touch of Sean’s fingers on his skin stole oxygen from his lungs. 

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Book Signing Event -

Join me for the largest book signing in the history of the Bethlehem Barnes & Noble! On Wednesday, September 25, fifty authors, including me, will be at the store signing books, chatting with fans and meeting new readers. Stop by from 7-9 pm for a festive evening of celebrating the amazing talent with have in the area.

4445 Southmont Way
Easton, PA 18045

Authors Attending:

Paul Acampora                           Cris Anson
Micke Auerback Wenchester                       Lindsay Barrett George
Becky Bartlett                                  Josh Berk
Bethlehem Writers Group                 Pat Brisson
Christine Bush                                  Sonya Christman
Kathleen Clark                          Molly Cochran
Kathleen Coddington                             Cynthia DeLuca
John Evans                                      Michael Flynn
Kit Grindstaff
Alissa Grosso                                   Phil Guinta
Mark Harris                                     Annarose Ingarra-Milch
Kelly Jameson                                   Carla Jones
Autumn Jordon                           Stephanie Julian
John Kennedy                                    Kathy Kulig
Roz Lee                                 A. C. James
David Lubar                                     Thomas Malafarina
Albert Mercantonio, Jr.                 Carolyn McCool
Jennifer Murgia                         Margaret Murray                
Alix Ohlin                                      Katherine Ramsland
Ray Rebman                                      Karen Samuels
Harold Seldon                                   Mary Shafer
William Suchowacki/Megan Ericson                Patrick Suglia
Tom Tancin                                      Lee Upton
Michael Ventrella                               Jerry Waxler
Kay Winters                                     Nicole Zoltack

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  1. Hey honey, I've gotta say - I LOVE your Mustangs series! OMG So seriously HOT! Hugs!