Saturday, December 12, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

New Boxed Set!

All four previously published short stories in Roz Lee’s holiday themed Lesbian Office Romance series compiled in one value-priced Boxed Set.
A Spanking Good Christmas – A gift from her office Secret Santa allows Marley to live out her spanking fantasy at NYC’s notorious fetish club, Bottom’s Up. There’s only one thing missing, Cindy, the co-worker she’s had a crush on for months.
Special Delivery Valentine – When a sprained ankle brings Rachel and Sophia closer, the sizzling attraction between the two women kindles a fire that burns fast and hot and is guaranteed to melt you chocolates, if not your heart.
Pushing the Envelope – A real life hero, Air Force Captain Dawn Early has seen her share of combat and lived to tell about it. Having to share a hotel room with sexy Air Force Intelligence Officer, Captain Skye Hale, will take pushing the envelope to whole new level.
Yours, Thankfully - Going Domme on her boss has pink slip and law suit written all over it, but when they become trapped in an elevator, it’s the only way Kayla can see to calm Nicole’s claustrophobia.


The next blow to her ass stunned her. The strike rattled every joint and along every muscle. Subsequent hits set off every alarm receptor in her brain. There was nothing tender about these blows, they were pure punishment. Arousal died a sudden death, only to arise again with a vengeance like nothing she’d ever known.
Blood rushed to her bottom and between her legs, engorging tender tissues made more so by the hard paddle striking so near. Her clit pulsed, aching for relief. Sweat and her own natural lubricant trickled between her clenched thighs. Mortification at her depravity choked her while desire built like a bonfire, one flaming strike after another.

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