Saturday, March 19, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday


He can’t get out of town fast enough until she gives him a reason to stay.


Ford Adams had a plan—settle his late father’s affairs then get the heck out of Butte Plains for good. The plan did not include running the family business for the next twelve months or designing and marketing a revolutionary new sex toy and becoming a billionaire because of it. The plan did not include him falling in love with the sexy, smart, and off-limits, Becky Jean Parker either. But then, plans have a way of changing. She took a chance once—helped him build an empire. Now, if he could only convince Becky Jean to take another chance—this time, on him.

When Becky Jean’s father became ill, she gave up her dreams of an exciting marketing career in a big city to stay in Butte Plains and help her mother and younger brother.
When her boss dies, leaving her a minority share in what turns out to be a failing company, she has no choice but to hitch her wagon to his son’s plan or lose everything. Now that Ford is free to sell the company, she has no choice but to let him go, even if he takes her heart with him, because one thing is certain, she’d had no choice but to fall in love with him.


Ford faced the camera and plastered a smile on his face he’d used countless times to charm women out of their panties. Slipping his arm around Becky Jean’s waist, he tugged her to his side. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the ASS—The Adult Shopping Show. I’m K. Ford Adams, and this is my partner, B.J. Parker.” He smiled down at Becky Jean who looked sexy as sin with her cheeks flushed and her lips parted. He hoped the audience would interpret the anger simmering in her gaze for another sort of passion. 

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