Tuesday, June 28, 2016

All-Star Romance Bundle

 What is a Bundle and how does it work?

Bundles are relatively new. They aren't super-cheap boxed sets, created by the authors with an eye toward making a bestseller list. They aren't anthologies of all-new short stories, designed to lure you into new-to-you worlds. Rather, they're special deals offered by vendors like BundleRabbit who make DRM-free ebook copies available at a reasonable price.

Book bundles give all the power to you--the reader.

You decide how many books you want to read (anywhere from 5 - 10 in the All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle.)

You decide how much to spend (at least five dollars for the All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle, but if you think the books are worth more, by all means, name a higher price! The authors will benefit, as will the charity, First Book, if you choose that option.

You decide whether you want part of your payment to go to a charity, First Book.  First Book's sole mission is to get new books into the hands of underprivileged kids.  Simply by checking a box when you order, you can give part of your bundle payment to First Book--at no extra charge to you.

There's a catch, of course. The bundle will only be available for three weeks--until July 19, and in order to get my book, STRIKE OUT, you have to spend at least $10. For that price you'll get four additional books, too!

So?  Want to play ball?  Purchase your All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle today--and enjoy some of the best baseball romances out there for the rest of the summer!

Here's the pitch on the All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle.

Summer is here – long days and hot nights that are perfect for a romantic fling!  And if your ideal romance hero just happens to know his way around a baseball diamond, have we got the bundle for you!

The All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle features ten novels, divided into two tiers.  If you spend a minimum of five dollars you get the first five innings:

·      Thrown by Love by Pamela Aares
·      Getting Wound Up by Jennifer Bernard and Erin Nicholas
·      Pitch Perfect by Sierra Dean
·      Sliding Into Home by Arlene Hittle
·      Catching Hell by Mindy Klasky

But if you spend at least five dollars more, you get the rest of the game, plus an extra innings – five more books, for a total of ten full-length baseball romances:

·      Lead-Off Bride by Rebecca Clark
·      She’s Out of His League by Kate Curran
·      Just One of Those Things by Mindy Klasky
·      Strike Out by Roz Lee
·      Scoring Position by VK Sykes

With these ten books, you’ll be set for the rest of the summer (and into those cool autumn days, after the World Series has come and gone!)

But that’s not all.  No matter how much you spend – five dollars, ten dollars, or more – ten percent of your purchase price goes to First Book, a US non-profit with the sole mission of providing new books to children in need.  First Book has already donated more than 135 million books in thousands of communities. Your purchase of the All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle will help more children become life-long readers!

So?  Step up to the plate!  Subscribe to the All-Star Baseball Romance Bundle today!

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