Saturday, June 18, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

Taste the forbidden.


This sexy duo by bestselling authors Roz Lee & Jennifer Lynne will take you into the erotic world of spanking and being spanked, offering a tantalizing glimpse into a range of flavors that are definitely not vanilla! 

FIRST TIME by Jennifer Lynne 
When I suggested a weekend away to rekindle the flame of our fifteen year old marriage, I had no idea Henry would take it as an opportunity to bust out the credit card at our local sex shop. But now I’m sitting in this country cottage on Saturday night, surrounded by nothing but forest for miles in every direction, and staring at my husband holding the spanking paddle as I wonder if I really have the nerve to bend over and let him use it. ~ Grace 

I can’t imagine not marrying Brendan, but I can’t bring this discontent into our marriage either. My friend, Beth, is right. I have to talk to my fiancĂ©, but how do you tell a man who does everything right in the bedroom that you need more—that you need him to spank you? ~ April 

Contains erotic content including sex scenes and spanking, suitable for Adult readers only

Excerpt from DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE by Roz Lee

“I showed up at your place, tired, but needing to hold you before I went to sleep, and where do I find you? At The Lone Star, dancing the night away with my best friend. I should spank your pretty little ass for that.” There’s a teasing quality to his voice I recognize even as his hand lands on my right ass cheek hard enough to make me jump.
Warmth spreads from the point of contact all the way to my pussy and out to the tips of my fingers and toes. My nipples tingle and perk up. God, that feels good. Too good. I clamp my thighs tight, and bury my face in the placket of his shirt, hoping he won’t hear the moan I can’t hold back. Blood rushes past my ears so fast the music playing is nothing more than a faint suggestion.

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